Sunday, August 2, 2015

Catholic School House Prep in Full swing!

Lots to share! I am hoping to post at least once a week. To keep me accountable :-)

Here is some of my prep so far: (I have posted some of this on the Catholic Schoolhouse at Home FB page, but wanted to consolidate it here for easy reference!)
I made an extensive book inventory. It was a massive undertaking!

First I put them all in a Google spread sheet: My Catholic Schoolhouse Quarterly Booklist
(Highlighted yellow means I hope to read them this year)

As much as possible I tried to put all the historical books in tubs according to the CSH 3 year cycle. (and some of the science, but I decided I still wanted a fair amount of those to stay on the reference shelf) Each year has a box for each quarter, and a box called overview to hold lesson plans, timeline cards, and other reference materials

You can download the bin labels that I printed onto colored card-stock here: Labels

The 2 off years are stored in the basement, but still accessible to add to as I find books for the next 2 years.

This years boxes go in the bottom of the main school cabinet for easy access.

My plan is to have a book basket out and easy to view, so that we remember to read them. Some books will stay in the basket for a whole quarter, some will get changed out every week (like picture books)

This is how I plan to display the 5 Timeline cards per week. (Found at Hobby Lobby for a different purpose, and decided I like it for this better!) I plan to eventually have a whole wall dedicated to Catholic Schoolhouse, but it is a work in progress..... I am not sure where to put it in the meantime.

To Be Continued......

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