Saturday, August 15, 2015

CSH Week 1 - Art / Cave Painting!

Our First Art Lesson!!

We did cave painting for our first Art lesson. Since the brown paper that I found in the garage acquired was on a large roll, I decided to change it up a bit, and I taped in under the ledge of our counter, so that it would feel a bit more "CAVE" like. 
N4; yes he owns clothes, but he doesn't like them, and it makes
 for easier paint cleanup!

N3; Hard at work

N3's finished Cave Painting of colorful animals

E2 Hard at work!

I think he liked the project!

And was very proud of the finished Cave painting, of grey
hunters surrounding animals

L1 was a good sport, and didn't mind being
on the end instead of under the counter 

His was the most elaborate, with hunters, woolly mammoths and a
dotted background that he said represented sunlight.
What I learned:

Dollar store paintbrushes were worse than no paintbrushes, I had to go scrounging around to turn up a few decent brushes for this project, and will need to add new brushes to my list.

I failed again in the prep department, I need to do some the night before, and then give then a 5-10 min break while I set up. 

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