Monday, July 27, 2015

A New Home-school Adventure!

      Starting this year, our crew will be embarking on a new style of Home-schooling, using the awesome classical curriculum from Catholic Schoolhouse!
      It utilizes a 3 year history cycle, that can be done in a group setting with ages 4-11 (and since this year, I have ages 4-10 in our "class" I think it will be perfect!) While it started as a co-op curriculum, many people are using it as a stand alone curriculum at home, which is what we will be doing.
      It is a flurry of activity here, as I organize, order books, organize more, and research ideas. The kids are excited too, especially when books show up on our doorstep, they can't wait to dig in. L1 (10yo) is especially frustrated when I tell him certain books won't be used until the 4th Quarter of the year :-)

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